The decision to rent out your Oahu investment property gives you an opportunity to make a return on the investment. The challenge is finding responsible tenants who follow your rules and keep up with your long-term goals.

At Hawaii Pacific Property Management, we help with your goals by handling the details of renting out a property. We run background checks and credit checks on potential tenants before they move into the property to ensure that they fit your standards and comply with your rules for the property. We also guarantee that we will fill vacancies quickly to avoid a sudden loss of income from your investment property.

When a problem occurs in the property, our team handles the situation quickly and we always ensure that we keep up with the maintenance on the space. We also keep your tenants happy by addressing potential problems efficiently and communicating with tenants when they move into the property.

Let our team of experienced property managers handle the details of renting out your property. We take measures to provide the quality services you expect when you decide to rent out your investment property.