We interviewed two top Oahu property mgmt companies to help us manage our condo unit in the town area.  Both were pleasant and professional, but we felt Evan and Hawaii Pacific Property Mgmt had something extra to offer.  And we were right!

After making our decision, Evan and team sprung into action and accomplished amazing things in a very short time.  They communicated well and were highly responsible each step of the way.  We felt like their most important customers! (I’m sure we weren’t). They were sensitive to our needs and timeframes, and met our hopes and expectations. 

We are so glad we chose Hawaii Pacific Property Mgmt. They removed a world of care from our shoulders.

– Latte L.

I had been wavering between using a property manager for my house or trying to manage the property on my own. After reading the great online reviews of Hawaii Pacific Property Management (HPPM), I decided to have HPPM manage my property. This is my first experience at being a landlord, and HPPM gave me several excellent suggestions before I actually rented the place out; for example, tips on how to clean the bathtub, what was essential vs. what was not essential with regard to landscaping, and the pros and cons of allowing pets (and the importance of considering the size of pets). HPPM posted the property in a large number of listings and found an excellent tenant. I also like their procedure wherein, before the tenants move in, the house owner has the place professionally cleaned, and when the tenants move out, they must have the place professionally cleaned. Julie and Ikaika have been a pleasure to work with. Deciding to have HPPM be the manager of my property has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

– Morris L.

Highly recommend Hi Pacific Property Management.  It’s been a pleasure working with Evan on prepping and renting our home.

– Twobtwobtwo P.

Hawaii Pacific Property Management has been managing our property for the past two years. They have always been over the top with finding us tenants, showing our property beautifully, FIXING problems, and simply just being AMAZING!!! This past month, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Evan. He is very professional, helpful, and genuine. He is not afraid of confrontation, he’s fair to both home owner and tenant, and he’s very good at communicating. I can sleep easily knowing that Evan is taking care of our rental property. If you want someone who has your best interest and will work FOR you and WITH you, please call Evan. You won’t regret it!

– Crys Y.

We went with Hawaii Pacific Property Management after being referred by a friend.  It was honestly so easy working with them and getting our home ready for rental.  They worked extremely well with our busy timeline and were able to get a tenant in even during the slow holiday month!  As an added bonus, we were able to get the rental rate we wanted.  They have their own repair/handyman for a lot of the minor repairs (if you don’t want to deal with it) which makes it easier because its a one-stop shop.  There is the added peace of mind, in terms of having Hawaii Pacific and their team handle any issues with the tenant directly which makes it more stress free for you the owner.    I highly recommend Evan and Duke and their team.

– Ken O.

Duke and his team are awesome! They met me when it was good for me and were on time. I told them what I wanted to rent my place for and they made it happen. I moved out on a Thursday, they showed it the next day and had it under contract on Saturday. Very efficient and on top of the market. Would highly recommend this team if you are looking to rent out any property!

– Kasey K.

So, I just lost what I thought was a great tenant. Why did I think they were so great? They paid they’re rent on time and I never got a call from HPPM. But when I was contacted by HPPM to tell me they weren’t going to renew the lease I found out they CONTINUOUSLY called HPPM complaining about something. This was a shock to me. Everything was going well, so I thought. I asked HPPM why I never heard about these complaints and what an annoying tenant they were. They humbly said, “Because we were doing our job.”
Job well done HPPM TEAM. Now let’s pray the next ones are easier to manage. Blessings HPPM TEAM!

– Dan P.

We most highly recommend Hawaii Pacific Management Company. We own a condo in Waikiki and it was rented the first time in one day. HiPacific always responded to the tenants needs and rent was always deposited to us on time.

The unit was recently vacant and we had an emergent phone call from a neighbor stating water was coming from our unit into their unit. We live in Texas so we called Melissa. She immediately responded (faster than 911). She dropped everything she was doing, went to our condo and ensured all was normal. The leak was not coming from our condo, but had a puddle of water which she cleaned up.

Melissa put our minds at ease and we truly appreciate her prompt action on a Saturday late afternoon. Our experience with Melissa and Duke has been very positive and we most strongly recommend any property owner to inquire with Hawaii Pacific Management Company. Kudos Melissa and Duke!

– Joan D.

After researching numerous property management companies in Hawaii and meeting with a few, we finally decided to use HI Pacific Property Management to manage our rental.  From the very beginning they were knowledgeable and professional so we are extremely satisfied with their work.  Evan has gone out of his way to ensure necessary repairs were done timely and kept us up-to-date on both the repairs and tenant search.  Highly recommend Hi Pacific Property Management.

– Gavin Y.

Ana, Duke, and the rest of the team have been great to work with!  They have exceeded my expectations as a property management company and made it very simple and stress-free for me to rent out my condo.  Their communication is great and have excellent marketing materials. Within days of initially posting my property online, Ana was busy showing the property to many potential renters and within about two weeks we were able to secure a tenant.   

P.S. If you’re thinking about renting out your property and are on the fence about renting to tenants with pets, I suggest you consider it.  The property manager will collect a pet deposit (for any unexpected damage) and will do a walk through inspection of the property every three months instead of six.

– T.S.

As a tenent, my experience with Melissa and HI Pacific Property Management has been outstanding. Melissa found us a perfect house to rent (we even tried to buy it!), and has always been prompt, professional and caring when I had any questions or concerns. HI Pacific PM made the initial paperwork and monthly payments a breeze, and I highly recommend Melissa and HI Pacific PM for anyone looking for a top-notch renter’s experience. When we finally own property here, I won’t consider anyone else to manage it for me.

– Kevin S.

Evan Miyaki has been so professional, friendly and helpful every step of the way!  Following up with me on possible tenants and their circumstances and updating me promptly.  Answering any questions I have.  I decided to change property management and I’m so very glad I did.  I would highly recommend the Hawaii Pacific Property Management team to take care of you and your property!

– Spo P.

Duke and his team have served us faithfully in an otherwise difficult experience moving from Hawaii – their professionalism, consistency, attention to detail, and personal approach to their clients is top of the line. We feel more than confident with our property in their capable hands and know that they have found a good match for us in a tenant. Thank you for all your good work!

– Alexandra W.

THE BEST in Oahu without a doubt.  Hawaii Pacific Property Management are fantastic people who have exhibited integrity, commitment, initiative, are action-oriented, and desire to make every tenant relationship a win-win for all parties. 

I love the customer relationship I’ve had with everyone in this amazing company and can’t tell you how many times I’ve said “Wow! They definitely exceeded my expectations!” once an issue arose with either a tenants or a property.

Like many people who need property managers, I’m a busy Marketing Director who wouldn’t  have extra time to devote to managing a property.  That has to be the most impactful difference that Hawaii Pacific Property Management has made.  They have not only allowed me to be “hands off” majority of the process, but they quickly proved that I should just stay out of their way and let them excel at handling everything regarding my property.  They have excelled at finding new tenants, great pricing, resolving maintenance requirements, timely and accurate billing and rent distribution, the intricacies of the move-out process and fair assessment of security deposit withholdings, communication with me, and most importantly their customer service and customer relationships are OUTSTANDING.  

I’m convinced Hawaii Pacific Property Management is the only company I’ll use in the future.  My hat’s off to them for excelling in their space and taking pride in what they do. I will definitely recommend them to all my friends!

– Christopher T.

My experience with Hawaii Pacific Property Management all started when my 90 y/o mother-in-law could no longer live independently in her own home. We were living on the other side of the island from her and our lives were busy taking care of her, my mother, and our four children. I already knew we had enough to deal with when we looked around the house and were faced with nearly 60 years of accumulation.  We knew we didn’t want to move there and I didn’t know what I was going to do to get the house emptied and renovated. We decided to rent out the house but we couldn’t afford the time to manage our new rental. Friends and family insisted that we could do it ourselves but I believed life would be less complicated if I found the right people to take care of the property for us. So I turned to Yelp!

After doing my research and reading the great reviews, I chose to go with Hawaii Pacific Property Management.  When I first called, I was greeted by Duke. He assured me that he was confident he and his company could help me with all of my needs.  They met me at the house the next day and I was immediately impressed by their knowledge and professionalism.  We walked around the property and addressed the major issues I needed to deal with.  They recommended and made appointments with all of the right companies to give me quotes and complete the jobs the way I wanted them done. It was a long process because there was so much to do, but Evan stuck by me until it was all done.  The house is beautiful and I have great tenants living there now.  

I really love the way everything is done with my convenience considered.  I get unobtrusive texts from Evan whenever my input is necessary and regular emails to let me know the current status of my rental account information.  Payments from tenants are always on time and directly deposited into my account.  I don’t have to worry about anything knowing Evan is always on watch!

Evan, Duke, and the whole team at Hawaii Pacific Property Management have uncomplicated the process of renting out our family’s home. I was worried about how I was going to get all of it done but with this team on my side my worries are all over. Thank you, Evan, and everyone at Hawaii Pacific Property Management.

– Jo N.

I am very confident that I made the right decision in choosing Hawaii Pacific Property Management to manage my apartment.
I purchased this beautiful apartment with the long term plan that I would move into it myself at some point. I had the same tenants for 11 years, who kept it in pristine condition, so I was dismayed when they decided to move to the mainland. I feared that I would not find such perfect tenants again.
When Duke and Evan met me at the apartment for the initial visit, their professionalism and confidence that they would find me the right tenant, put my fears to rest.

The extensive marketing – which included a video tour of the apartment and amenities of the property, the thorough screening of prospective tenants and weekly communication from Evan as to progress – was most impressive.

I would absolutely recommend Duke, Evan and their team at Hawaii Pacific Property Management.

– Jennifer S.

We started looking for a new property manager for our property in Kakaako after our tenant moved out. Our criteria in our property manger search were: good communication, long term relationship and trustworthy. We interviewed several property management companies and after doing our due diligence we decided on HiPacific Property Management. The selling points for our decision: they are tech-savy (texting, portal web site, digital documents, social media communication), build relationships with tenants and landlords and honest online reviews of their company and their affiliates. 

Evan at HiPacific Property Management has been our point-of-contact. He helped us market, show and sign our current tenant within 30 days. Given how little time we have devoted to managing (our even thinking about) our property, we rely on Evan a lot. He’s been responsive over text, our primary form of contact with him, usually within the hour which is a huge + for us.

We’ve been quite pleased with Evan and company and would recommend them to landlords who have a similar search criteria for property managers as we did.

– Chris Y.

HiPacific Property Management is definitely my number 1 choice. We live in the mainland but we have a beautiful home in Hawaii. We had issues with our previous property management(allowed the previous tenants to take their deposit without charging them on all the damages)that lied to us about the house conditions for 3 months. We were paying for an additional mortgage payment which was draining our accounts. As we were uncertain and unsure about the future of our investment. We decided to fire the previous property management. We reached out to an awesome realtor and friend to us, Adrienne Lally who gave us a great referral. She referred us to HiPacific Property Management. The next day, we received calls from Duke  Kimhan and Melissa Getty who were ready to assess the house conditions and estimate the cost to renovate all the damages and cleanups. Without wasting time, Duke and Melissa sent in the best vendors for professional clean ups and shampoo all the carpet, trimmed all overgrown trees and mowed the lawn, painted all 3 bedrooms, and repaired all damages in the house. All these in less then two weeks. Simultaneously, the house was already posted in all the websites for rent. We were being informed weekly via emails and phone calls(never received this type of services from the previous property management). Not even a month, we received an application with the applicant who had one of the best credit scores and also a great career. 

We are so happy that we made the choice of changing to HiPacific Property Management Company. Duke and Melissa, you both rock. Thank you for saving our beautiful home which it still has so much sentimental values to us. Knowing that our home is in good hands definitely gives up a peace of mind. 

– Jae D.

I would highly recommend Duke, Ana and the whole team at Hawaii Pacific Property Mgmt Co.  We had to move off islands about a year ago and I found Duke’s team on yelp search.  It was our first time looking for property managers and surely we had many questions / concerns.  Duke responded immediately and was very patient to address all our questions. 

Now more a year later in California, I can surely say that we made a great decision by selecting Duke’s team.  They always respond very quickly to our emails / phone calls.  There was an unfortunate small fire incident in the kitchen in Mar.  Only two cabinets were damaged.  Luckily the renters had renter insurance (which is required by Duke’s company of renters).  Sure enough, Duke’s team handled the incident very professionally.  We couldn’t be happier seeing the kitchen after the repair was done. 

If you are looking for a property management team, we would highly recommend Duke’s for the following reasons:

1) The advertising is superb, from online pictures to walk-through videos.  We love my property and they give me the feeling that they equally do too! 
2) ACH deposit by 7th day of the month.  No waiting for checks to come in.
3) Property walk-through.  The pictures I see after a year of the property being managed is looking so clean and welcoming, thanks Duke and team!
4) Renter and pet insurance.  I was concerned renting to family with pets before.  But no longer. 

Overall, great great work from the team, thanks very much again!

– Allison Z.

It’s my first time renting out my Condo in Aiea and I needed a trustworthy and dependable property managers. I did my research and ended up calling Hawaii Pacific Property Management for more information because they have excellent reviews. 

Evan, Duke and the team are amazing! They responded very quick and answered all my inquiries clearly. Our first initial meeting is when they came by to check my unit. They are very professional, excellent customer service, sincere and this just confirmed why they have great reviews. I felt comfortable working with the team and before the meeting was over I decided that they would be the one managing my unit.  

Evan worked on getting my unit ready right away. He took care of scheduling a cleaning service for my unit, took photos and got the ad posted on the very same day. Throughout the showing and signing of the lease process, Evan’s communication is top notch! I got updates constantly so I know the status of my rental unit. 

I’m confident that HI Pacific Property Management’s customer service and communication will remain excellent based on my experience working with them on getting my unit leased. 

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Give them a call or e-mail and you will know what I’m taking about.

– Haarell J.

The pain and suffering that I expected from my first move ever, turned out to be an exceptionally smooth and delightfully positive experience.  Everything–from the viewing, the communication, the paperwork–was made easy by Mr. Kimhan and his team.

Melissa’s professionalism and superb customer service is the highlight of the entire experience.  She goes above and beyond expectations, not only in terms of communication, but also her willingness to go out of her way just to make the tenant happy.

One small example: I had an issue with the water heater, where the hot water would run amount after only one shower.  I mentioned this to Melissa, and lo and behold, a plumber was at the unit within the week.  There were no hassles, no questioning, nothing.

I am extremely pleased, and would highly recommend.

– Taiki H.