When you do business with Hawaii Pacific Property Management, we charge no hidden or upfront fees.

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I want to make sure that you know that if you do business with me, there will be no upfront fees.

I don’t want owners to have to pay out of their pocket to get their house managed. A lot of times, that means I’ll have to shoulder the costs upfront for the cleaning or small repairs needed in order to bring the home’s condition to 100%.

“The 10% that we charge our owners is all we charge.”

Down the road, if you have any maintenance issues that need to be taken care of, Hawaii Pacific Property Management will pay for that for you with your approval. You’ll get to see the full invoice on your portal site.

The 10% that we charge our owners is all we charge, and that is for the collected amount. If we have an amount that is short one month, and they come in on the 15th, then we only take 10% of that.

There are no hidden costs; I simply deduct that 10% when I receive the rent from the tenant.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. We’d like to work with you soon.

Posted by: hipacific on May 11, 2018
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